10 simple ways to make money for new investments

Like it or not, technology has infiltrated every part of our daily lives. With more than half of the current world population using the internet today, that same technology has continued to shift its focus online.

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While this might seem a bit Orwellian to some of our older readers who aren’t yet accustomed to the amount of influence the internet has over our lives, to others this change of the global atmosphere is an untapped gold mine just waiting to be exploited.

Everything happens on the internet now and not realizing its potential means missing out on great opportunities in life. There’s a million and one way to make money online, and there’s bound to be a few that would be perfect just for you. If, like many other people, you are interested in investments, this is a great way to raise some cash to do this.

No, you don’t need to start learning about stock exchange or Forex or complicated software technologies – making money doing the things you know and love is now available to everyone. Whether you choose to do it as a full time job to provide for your family, or are just looking to add some extra income during the weekend – here are 10 simple ways you can make money online.

1. Blogging

While writing for a living might be more appealing to those of you who’re bookworms and quick on words, blogging can actually be pretty lucrative career for everybody.

It does take a while before you start seeing any real, tangible success, though. However, don’t let this discourage you. Creating a website and adding a blog to it takes a second, and is a pretty fun and exciting process, especially if you’re using a beautifully designed and responsive platform such as SITE123.

This incredible platform lets you create and design your own website and add a beautiful blog to it in seconds, and makes uploading and tracking the engagement of your content a breeze. Once your blog gets enough traction, making money off of it will become standard. Establishing yourself as an influencer in your field will attract advertisers to your websites and your blog will become valuable real estate for any info on that particular topic.

2. Writing

The same set of skills and the same amount of patience as the ones necessary to write a blog, yet the medium you use is a bit different.

If your childhood dream was to become a renowned and respected writer – here’s your chance. You can bypass all the bureaucracy of publishing companies and the scrutiny of countless editors, and just write and publish an ebook.

Apart from a bit of final formatting, the only thing you really need to do is write. You can get as creative as you can with fiction, come up with a whole new sci-fi universe, revisit old battles with a history book, or share your inside tips and knowledge of a specific industry. The possibilities are endless and the return is huge.

Create a fantastic landing page with SITE123 to promote your ebook. Add subscriber boxes to collect emails from your readers and start a book club or send them news and updates about your career.

3. Start photographing

If you’ve got a decent camera and a few hours to spare every weekend, try dipping your feet into photography for a bit to see where it can take you. There’s a booming market for stock photos, and selling your images could be your next career move.

Create a website and upload beautiful galleries of the images you take. A website that looks like it was professionally done will help establish you as a serious contender in the world of photography, and allow your clients an easy and smooth way to browse through your photos.

You can sell your photos through your website and create landing pages to promote the releases of new image collections. Add a blog to provide your visitors with inside info and tips on photography, and a booking page to make scheduling and managing shootings and appointments easy.

4. Start designing

Got a flare for art? Do all of your friends keep asking you to style their apartment or design a logo for their business? Put your talent to good use and start doing design for a living.

There’s a number of different freelancing platforms available online that could help you monetize your artistic abilities. While most of these platforms require you to create and complete a profile, you should create a website that will act as your portfolio.

Having a professional website showcasing your previous work, your contact info and your pricing will help you attract more clients. Be it logo designing, graphic, web or interior design, people love seeing creative people do their thing and they love paying good money for it.

5. Create an online version of a garage sale

Got a basement full of old, collectable toys? Or an attic filled to the brim with your grandma’s vintage clothing? Moving houses and don’t know what to do with all of the leftover furniture?

Garage sales are a favorite neighborhood activity – except for the people whose garage they’re actually in. Skip the mess and the people rummaging through your house by organizing the online version of a garage sale.

Your old stuff will get a new life and fill someone else’s shelves, and their cash will get to fill your  wallet. You can always sell your stuff through Craigslist, eBay, and similar platforms, but creating a website for your sale will give it more integrity and allow you to dictate the price and the type of people that buy from you.

Creating an online store is a piece of cake, and having a website will allow you to clearly state your shopping, shipping and return policy, making shopping more safe and enjoyable for everyone.

6. Make stuff and sell it

You know all those bridesmaid dresses you made for your friend’s wedding? Or those chopping boards you made from wood scraps? There’s a whole market for that filled with tons of people that’d pay good money for what you can make in an afternoon.

If you’re good with your hands and love creating, put your talent and your passion to good use and start making money on the side by creating an online store for your products. It won’t take up too much of your time, because you can create and set up a beautiful and functional online store on your lunch break – for free. You won’t be wasting any time or money on this hobby of yours, but you’ll leave the possibility open for it to become a full blown career.

7. Start vlogging

Video blogs, or vlogs as they’re often referred to, is a completely new and extremely interesting type of internet content. This type of format has unparalleled success with younger audiences, so if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make a name for yourself – this could be your chance.

Apart from a decent video camera, the only thing you need is a YouTube account. To get people to take you seriously and watch the videos you can later monetize, create a personal website where they can learn more about you.

Add your bio, images, videos, a timeline of your life, write a blog about the behind scenes process of shooting a vlog and allow your viewers to contact you through your website. You could potentially monetize both your website and your YouTube channel, which isn’t all that bad for the amount of effort you’d put into it.

8. Become an online tutor

If you’re good at explaining complex matter to people and have the time and the patience to be a tutor, why not take your skills online and monetize them.

There’s a whole market for online tutors and classes, and there’s bound to be a large viewership somewhere for what you have to teach. Be it teaching English to Chinese students, giving lectures on science and technology to school kids, or just offering your consultation services for thesis and academic writing – teaching is much, much easier and much more rewarding when done online.

You’ll skip the fees and the provisions of doing it through an agency, you’ll keep your costs low by doing it via chat or video, and you’ll be able to offer your services in a much less competitive environment where possibilities are endless and the rewards are huge.

To make sure you’re getting the right amount of attention, create a website that could be a one-stop for all of your students and potential clients. Add your bio, student testimonials, pricing and a booking app that will allow you to keep track of your appointments

9. Get into affiliate marketing

Companies love advertising on small and mid-size websites and blogs, as it gives their brand the friendliness and authenticity that are fantastic sales boosters. To entice people to collaborate with them, big companies offer a return for websites and blogs that help them make sales. This is called affiliate marketing, and is a thriving market that can only get bigger.

This is a great way to make some money on the side if you already have a website or a blog. You can also do this on social media if you’re not an avid blogger, as social media advertising industry is just starting to boom.

If you make sure your recommendations are genuine and that your affiliation is transparent, people will prefer to buy this way as it provides them with a sense of intimacy. You’ll get a percentage or a flat fee for every purchase people make through your website, and your readers will have a reliable source of advice and info.

10. Rent

If you’ve got a guest room you never use, or a holiday home you never get to visit, try renting it out to tourists.

People love staying with locals and experiencing a new city outside of tourist centres and hotels, so it’d be fun way to earn some quick cash during weekends and holidays. Create a website for your bed and breakfast or apartment, add a beautiful gallery of images and videos depicting the space, list your prices and set up a booking widget so people can schedule their stay with ease.


While this is quite a comprehensive list, we still haven’t even scratched the surface of all the ways you can earn money online. So whether you decide to do it full time and make a career out of it, or just want a quick influx of cash in your spare time – the possibilities are endless and the returns could be huge.

Remember – whatever you decide to do will need to have a strong basis in the form of a professionally done website. But, instead of spending money paying for it to be built from scratch, use a free website builder like SITE123, our favorite platform by far. It’s easy to setup, even easier to use, and has a wide array of features just perfect for small business just starting out. Add booking widgets, online calendars, beautiful image and video galleries, donate boxes, easy contact forms and polls, as well as pricing charts and tables.

Ready to make money online? Start by creating a free website now.

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