Top ten trades: Monday 10 October 2011 (until noon)

10 Oct 2011 | News - Comment now

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Top ten trades: Monday 10 October 2011 (until noon)

TD Waterhouse names the UK's most traded UK-listed companies for the morning of Monday 10 October 2011.

Top ten trades
Monday 10 October 2011

Source: TD Waterhouse

TD Waterhouse view:

'Petroceltic International is a new entry to both the top ten buys and sells today accounting for 9.6 per cent and 9 per cent respectively. The oil and gas explorer announced this morning that it has agreed a US$30 million bridging loan and improved flow rates at one of its wells at its Ain Tsila discovery in Algeria.   

'Range Resources takes the top spot on the morning’s sells, accounting for 13.4 per cent - the company today said that drilling has resumed in the Mukhiani well after a brief pause to gather data. Red Emperor Resources has also begun drilling again at the Mukhiani well, accounting for 7.6 per cent of the top ten sells.'

1. Premier Foods, 19.2 per cent
2. Royal Bank of Scotland Group, 12.0 per cent
3= Range Resources, 11.0 per cent
3= Lloyds Banking Group, 11.0 per cent
5. Barclays, 9.9 per cent
6. Petroceltic International, 9.6 per cent
7. Xstrata, 8.6 per cent
8. Sportingbet, 7.2 per cent
9= Gulf Keystone Petroleum, 5.8 per cent
9= Man Group, 5.8 per cent

1. Range Resources, 13.4 per cent
2. Barclays, 12.1 per cent
3. Lloyds Banking Group, 11.7 per cent
4. Royal Bank of Scotland, 11.4 per cent
5. Aviva, 9.3 per cent
6= Petroceltic International, 9.0 per cent
6= Xstrata, 9.0 per cent
8. Gulf Keystone Petroleum, 8.6 per cent
9. BP, 7.9 per cent
10. Red Emperor Resources, 7.6 per cent

The top ten Buys and Sells should not be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell any particular bond or stock, and it is not intended to offer any form of advice. Instead it is simply an indication of the general buying and selling trends amongst some TD Waterhouse customers, observed during the period stated.

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