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Unit trusts and OEICs

How to pick the best open-ended funds (what are open-ended funds?)

The real Neil Woodford

Magazine | 26 Jun 2014

What Investment meets the man behind the numbers.


What Investment Unit Trust Awards 2014: meet the winners

Magazine | 26 Jun 2014

The winners of the What Investment Unit Trust Awards have displayed a real talent for growing investors’ money.


Star fund managers: do they really outperform the crowd?

Magazine | 31 Mar 2014

We find out whether the most talked-about fund managers, such as Neil Woodford and Mark Mobius, live up to their reputation.


Making the cut: the most consistent open-ended funds

Magazine | 3 Feb 2014

Exclusive research from What Investment reveals the open-ended funds that have beaten their peers time after time.

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Investment Trusts

Find out how closed-ended funds can make you money (what are investment trusts?)

What are the opportunities for investors within the AIC Flexible Investment sector?

Magazine | 3 Aug 2016

At times of severe market strife, asset allocation typically gains a greater prominence for the private investor.


Trust worthies: The 2016 Investment Trust Awards

Magazine | 1 Jun 2016

It is one of the mantras of the investment world that the prudent investor is one who diversifies. Working on this year’s investment trust awards has revealed for me the breadth of options available for private investors seeking diversification.


Recent volatility has sent a swathe of established investment trusts to big discounts

Magazine | 1 Apr 2016

The great Warren Buffett has a saying that ‘if markets were rational, I would be begging for change outside a drugstore’.


Which of the investment trusts at the riskier end of the spectrum represent value right now?

Magazine | 1 Feb 2016

While the steady-as-she-goes investment trusts are likely to be the cornerstones of most private investors’ portfolios, the temptation is strong to include a few holdings with the capacity to generate outsized returns and afford to the shrewd investor the bragging rights amongst his or her peers.

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Match the market's returns with exchange-traded funds (what are ETFs?)

ETFs: How it all began and what they do

Opinion | ETFs | 21 Sep 2016

Lee Kranefuss, Executive Chairman, at Source, writes exclusively for the What Investment Educational Series to reveal how ETFs can play a role in a private investors portfolio.


Complete guide to passive investing through funds and ETFs

Magazine | 27 Aug 2013

Explaining the logic behind passive investing, the important differences between tracker funds and ETFs, and the best-buy passive vehicles to follow markets from the FTSE 100 to the MSCI Emerging Markets index.

Passive and active funds compared

Magazine | 1 Apr 2012

With sales of cheap passive funds and ETFs on the increase, we look at whether active funds can justify their existence.

Where next for gold?

Magazine | 1 Jun 2012

Angelos Damaskos, who has run the Junior Gold Fund since launch in 2009, and Stuart Alexander, managing director of Gemini Investment Management, debate the outlook for gold.

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Seven ways to help you qualify for a mortgage

Guides | Banking & savings | 16 Jan 2013

So you’ve been looking up mortgages online, furiously checking current mortgage rates and then calculating your mortgage payments to make sure you can actually afford them without having to appear on Deal or No Deal.

London’s stock market

Guides | Equities | 30 Aug 2012

Although we talk about the London Stock Exchange (LSE) as a single stock market, it’s actually split into various different components, from the FTSE 100 to AIM. This guide explains what it all means.

What Investment guide to using investment trusts for retirement planning launched 

Guides | Pensions | 29 Sep 2015

The latest guide in the What Investment series has been published this morning, in association with Henderson Global Investors.


Ethical funds: an investors guide

Guides | Unit trusts and OEICs | 6 Sep 2012

There are presently more than 60 ethical funds available to UK investors. What Investment looks at what’s on offer.

Choosing an open-ended fund

Guides | Unit trusts and OEICs | 23 Aug 2012

With a bewildering array of 2,850 open-ended funds available to a private investor, choosing between them can seem quite spectacularly daunting. What Investment explains how to narrow it down.

Investing in frontier markets

Guides | Equities | 24 Aug 2012

Investing in emerging markets such as China and Brazil has now entered the mainstream. So should thrill-seeking investors now favour frontier markets, such as Nigeria and Kazakhstan? What Investment looks at the facts.

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