Man GLG Continental European Growth fund rated by Adviser Centre says Hutchison Man GLG Continental European Growth fund rated

The Man GLG Continental European Growth fund continues to outperform its benchmark, offering an eclectic combination of stocks that are selected from across the market cap spectrum. 


The Adviser Centre said it has added the  Man GLG Continental European Growth fund to its ‘recommended list’.

Gill Hutchison, research director at The Adviser Centre, said: “This differentiated, benchmark-agnostic, European equity growth fund is managed by veteran European equity investor, Rory Powe, who joined Man GLG in 2014.  He has shown an unwavering commitment to seeking out growth companies in Europe, which are well positioned to preserve their P/E multiples, or have scope to expand their multiples through earnings and cash flows.”

She added: “The portfolio is populated with two types of companies. Established Leaders should have robust qualities, such as strong balance sheets and a clear revenue growth map, while the Established Winners should display clear competitive advantages, rapid revenue growth and understated market values.”

She also emphasised the manager will demonstrate his convictions and commitment through a relatively concentrated portfolio, “reinforcing his focus on companies with strong growth dynamics and unique market positions, and  an independent risk function monitors the fund against guidelines and risk limits.”

Hutchinson added states that, given the nature of the fund, it is best deployed as a long-term holding.

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