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What Investment is one of very few titles to dedicate regular space to investment trusts. Since 2007, the monthly magazine has run four regular sections a year about close-ended funds, in addition to monthly coverage in the main part of the magazine.

From this year, the number of themed investment trust sections will increase from four to six.


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'What Investment always seems to add another bit of knowledge every month. The fact that they're independent also means a lot to me as I can rely on the data to help me make the right decisions and keep my portfolio earning me money'
Douglas Hamilton

'I always look forward to receiving What Investment. The editorial is a refreshing breath of air in a world filled with fibs and innuendo.'
Robin Gregory

'I am very impressed with your magazine and have followed its investment guidance when operating my SIPP. I am pleased to say that in 18 months, I have managed to add some £30,000 in value to my pension pot as a result of What Investment's articles'
Stuart Monkcom

'What Investment’s app is an excellent example of a publisher shifting from print to digital, adding value along the way. I find myself using each medium for a different purpose – print for specific performance table lookups and the app for article browsing. All in all, a wholeheartedly positive experience'
Andy Richardson

'What Investment is well positioned for the enthusiastic less experienced investor. The articles cover a very useful range of topics from equity income to emerging markets and now ETFs. I would recommend What Investment to anyone who is interested in investing but needs a guiding hand'
Paul Clarke


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