Financial Planner of the Month: Andrew Gilmore

What Investment’s Financial Planner of the Month is Andrew Gilmore, Chartered Financial Planner at Active Chartered Financial Planners

 Andrew Gilmore


Andrew Gilmore


Active Chartered Financial Planners


Chartered Financial Planner


Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

Before I was a financial planner

I have worked in Financial Planning since leaving college and started an Apprenticeship with the firm I am still at today. I did have a number of jobs around college including working at a local DIY store but DIY wasn’t my strong point and if you ask my wife she would confirm it still isn’t.

Business or Personal financial planning or both?

The majority of my work is with personal financial planning clients however I do have a number of business clients also and a number of clients that cross over into both.


I work predominantly with Retirement and Estate Planning clients and enjoy the longevity of these relationships and the peace of mind you can provide these clients with. They are quite often worried about their money lasting and it’s nice to alleviate these concerns and get them concentrating on enjoying the funds they have worked so hard for.

Advice to a client seeking a financial planner – Trust is vitally important when dealing with a financial planner so do some research and speak to a couple of different advisers and find someone you are both comfortable with and would be happy being open and honest to ensure you get the most value out of the relationship.

Top financial planning tip

You are never too young to start planning for the future even if you can only save a little bit and by investing early you tend to get more comfortable with the stock market and realise it isn’t as scary as it is sometime portrayed.

The piece of financial advice I am most proud of – I have a client who has recently retired and at the same time had a number of family issues including death’s in the family, children losing their jobs alongside the general concerns over retirement. A number of plans changed and we spent a lot of time talking over scenarios with cash flow planning which gave the clients comfort that they could help their son, travel a bit more and still enjoy the retirement they had planned.

My favourite financial product

I feel the industry is moving the right way towards People rather than Products and concentrating on the overall value added. However, if I had to pick one it would be a pension due to the tax benefits and planning opportunities.

How do you relax

I am currently at University studying for an MBA around work and have two children 4 and under so relaxing is quite difficult but I do enjoy spending my free time keeping them entertained. I also try and play Five-a-side a couple of times a week and enjoy walking to keep active.

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