Financial Planner Ruth Sturkey (pictured) of Paradigm Norton is What Investment's Financial Planner of the Month

 Financial Planner Ruth Sturkey


Ruth Sturkey


Paradigm Norton


Client Director


Certified Financial Planner

Chartered Financial Planner

Fellow of the Personal Finance Society (FPFS)

How long have you been a financial planner?

I started working as an IFA in 1994, taking various financial exams until I became a Chartered Financial Planner in 2006 and a Certified Financial Planner in 2007. This latter accolade enabled me to provide answers to client questions that previously I had not even known how to articulate, let alone answer.

Before I was a financial planner (mini CV)

My arrival into the financial planning sector followed a rather circuitous route. I held roles in the nursing, pharmaceutical and automotive industries, before entering any form of financial services. When I did, it was in the early 90’s first as a mortgage broker, then in direct sales for Standard Life in the North East.

In 2007 I set up The Red House (TRH), located in London, as a boutique financial planning firm working with a select number of clients who wanted us to help them manage their wealth. The key to our success was to focus on our client’s lives, not their money and to treat all our clients and colleagues as we would wish to be treated ourselves. In 2017, TRH merged with Paradigm Norton; this was a no brainer on my part as Paradigm Norton’s clients are at the core of everything it does.

Business or Personal financial planning or both

Personal Financial Planning. Working with families and individuals to help them live the life they want to lead is very rewarding.


I practice holistic financial planning. This means I look at the client as a whole and provide cashflow planning, protection, tax, investment, retirement and estate planning, calling in the help of others in the team as needed.

Advice to a client seeking a financial planner

I keenly believe that to succeed there must be an alignment of values. For the client, you must feel comfortable sharing your financial information and details of your life goals with your FP so that they can deliver the best service for you. When you are looking for a financial planner it is essential that you like, trust and ‘get on’ as a financial planner is a life investment.

From a business point of view, actions speak louder than words. When TRH merged with Paradigm Norton in 2017, we made joint values; People Matter; Build for the Future; Set the Bar High and Actions Speak Louder than Words.

We embedded these into the core of Paradigm Norton’s every day because if an investor finds a business that truly focusses on the client and their financial planning there is no doubt, they will have a successful long term financial outcome. Money matters, but life matters more.

Top financial planning tip

Protect yourself and those you love; everything else stems from there.

The piece of financial advice I am most proud of

Making sure that my clients have the right level of life insurance and income protection. This has become agonisingly apposite for one of the family’s I look after where the father and main bread winner, age 52, has been diagnosed with a terminal illness meaning he will not survive 12 months. At least he and his family do not have to worry about money.

My favourite financial product

Not a product but a tool; Cashflow planning software brings money to life and helps me help my clients know how much to save and how much risk to take when investing. It also helps me identify future income shortfalls, or excesses, according to their unique needs, enabling us to plan accordingly.

How do you relax

Outside of work I enjoy going out to eat and a trip to the theatre. I pride myself on being able to give a fantastic restaurant recommendation. All balanced out by yoga and swimming.


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