Investment trends of 2019

The year may be halfway through, but if you’re interested in making your first investment or an addition to your current investments in the near future, it’s never too late to take a look into the trends worth considering to help you begin the process.

 Investment trends of 2019

If you have yet to get a personal financial advisor on your side and are overwhelmed by the many opportunities out there, it can be tough to know where to start. While it’s always advised to have an advisor if you aren’t a seasoned investor, here are a few trends from the year that are worth looking into, written by F45 Training.


Technology appears as a trend year after year, but with the fourth industrial revolution in our midst, it is always worth some thought. While it is rather volatile, technology is an industry that is here to stay; you just have to be careful about what you invest in and understand your reasons behind doing so. Being a vast sector filled with opportunities, from artificial intelligence and security to gaming, the industry is still a good choice. According to Blake Oliver, senior product marketing manager at Los Angeles-based software company FloQast, “Despite the volatility in the market, there are still plenty of opportunities for investors.”


As more and more people have become health conscious due to the rise in awareness around lifestyle related diseases, the healthcare industry has done well over the last ten years. This, together with the phenomenon of an ageing population who are living longer, healthier lives, makes investing in this sector worthwhile. As with technology, healthcare is a vast industry, and includes everything from pharmaceuticals to fitness. Whether you’re interested in investing directly in a business, such as an F45 franchise for sale, or in the larger stocks of medical companies, the healthcare industry is worth consideration.

Ethical skin or home care products

The ethical sourcing of ingredients has been a rising trend for some time, but it has now reached a tipping point. A large volume of consumers will choose to purchase only from companies who offer natural products and can prove that their ingredients have been extracted responsibly. In a recent Nielsen report on 30,000 consumers in 60 countries, 66% of respondents were willing to pay more for a product just because it was produced sustainably. With a noticeable increase in interest in the sector, reported by the Financial Times, it’s worth a look.

With a large volume of opportunities out there, it can be tough to sort the worthwhile investments from the not-so-worthwhile investments. The trends above are just a snippet of what could be worth your while. Since they represent vast industries, they are sure to offer something for every type of investor.

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