Self select ISA provider recommendations for investors

Self select ISA provider platforms can offer investors the chance to manage their own fund and stocks and shares selections.

 Self select ISA provider

Take time to analyse the best options for selecting your own ISA investments

If you are thinking of investing in an ISA for 2019/20 you should do so right now before the deadline on 5 April. Potential investors are warned that applications can take time to process so time is of the essence.

Those thinking of selecting their own funds and stock and shares for their ISA should shop around for the best deals. The tables below should help the process.

Michael Morton, publisher of analysts The Armchair Trader said: “We are approaching the end of the ISA season as a time when stock markets have been sold down to valuations we have not seen in 15-20 years, especially in the case of some leading FTSE 350 shares. Investors are still able to open an ISA now, before the deadline, and keep their cash there until they decide to enter the market. It does not mean you have to buy stocks before the end of the week.”

Morton added: “It is important that traders are aware of how transaction costs can impact your profits, especially if you plan to trade in and out of stocks frequently. The fees associated with an ISA should be an important consideration.”

Self Select ISAs – Funds

ProviderYearly platform feeMin DepositMin/mthPlatform FeesFundsJISALISA
Barclays Smart Investor£40£50£250.20%2,000
AJ Bell£50£500£250.25%2,000YesYes
Standard Life£70.00£500£500.35%4,432Yes
Charles Stanley£70.00£500£500.35%3,400Yes
Fidelity International£70.00£1,000£500.35%3,124Yes
Willis Owen£80.00£25£250.40%2,604Yes
Hargreaves Lansdown£90.00£100£250.45%2,500YesYes
Interactive Investor£119.88£100£25£119.883,000Yes
Chelsea Financial Services£120.00£1£100.55%2,500Yes
Legal & General£122.00£100£200.61%45Yes

Source: The Armchair Trader

Self Select ISAs – Stocks and Shares

ProviderMinimum DepositMin per monthShares Platform feeBuy/Sell FeesActive Trader FeesJISALISA
IG (1)£500£96£8.00*£3.00
Saxo (2)£1£1£24£8.00
Barclays Smart Investor (3)£50£25£48£6.00
Selftrade (4)£50£50£69.96£10.99£5.99
Interactive Investor (5)£100£25£119.88£7.99£6.00Yes
AJ Bell (6)£500£25£30£9.95*£4.95YesYes
The Share Centre (6)£1.00£57.60£7.50Yes
Halifax (7)£2,000£100£12.50£12.50
Fidelity International (8)£1,000£50£45£10.00Yes
Cavendish (9)£1,000£50£50£10.00Yes
Bestinvest (10)£10090£80£7.50Yes
Willis Owen (11)£25£25£80£7.50YesYes
Hargreaves Lansdown (12)£100.00£25£45£11.95*£5.95Yes
Charlies Stanley (13)£500£50£70£11.50Yes

Source: The Armchair Trader

Notes: (1) Trade 3+ stocks pm for active trader cost of £3.00. Clients holding investments will be charged a platform fee of £8 per month which can be offset against a trade over the period. Platform fee of up to 0.65% on ETF Smart Portfolio’s; (2) Trade from £8 on UK stocks, plus custody fee of 0.12% pa  on accounts with open positions (min monthly fee of EUR 5); (3) 0.2% platform fee on funds. £4 pm or 0.1% fee on other investments up to a maximum of £125 pm. Transaction fee of £3 per fund and £6 per other assets; (4) Online rate per trade on shares is £10.99 (frequent trader rate of £5.00 on 20+ monthly trades) and ETFs fee is £9.99 which can be offset against custody fee per annum of £69.96 paid quarterly. Fund management fee of 0.30%; (5) Clients pay a flat fee of £9.99 pm including a credit of £7.99pm to buy or sell any investment (available for 90 days). You can choose from 3 quick start funds; (6) Trade 10+ stocks pm for active trader cost of £4.95. Additional charge of up to £7.50 per quarter on stocks and shares. Up to 0.25% platform fee on funds plus £1.50 transaction cost; (7) Fixed platform fee of £5 pm. Transaction cost of £7.50 for deals less than £750, 1% for £750 and above; (8) £12.50 platform fee for holding an ISA account. 2,000+ funds or three ready-made portfolio’s with a £2,000 lump sum or £100 monthly payment; (9) Platform fee of 0.35% or flat £45 fee for holdings below £7,500. Share dealing costs relate to ETFs and Investment Trusts; (10) No initial fees on Unit Trusts/OEIC’s, no annual fees, no switching fees and no exit fees; (11) Platform fees reduce to 0.2% for ISA transfers over £250,000. No fees for fund transactions. Four ready made portfolios for inexperienced investors; (12) Trade Shares, ETFs and Investment Trusts for £7.50. 2,500+ Funds or ready-made portfolios based on 3 levels of risk; (13) Trade 10+ stocks per month for active trader cost of £8.95 or 20+ at £5.95. Additional charge of up to £45 pa on stocks and shares. No dealing charge for buying or selling funds but a holding fee of up to 0.45% pa; (14) No fund transaction costs but up to 0.35% platform fee. Min £24, max £240 pa to hold shares, ETFs and Bonds plus £11.50 transaction fee. Foundation portfolio’s available to help you get started.


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