Stocks and Shares Junior ISA Providers List - Compare JISA Rates Stocks and Shares Junior ISA Providers List

The list of Junior Investment ISA's provided here covers the main DIY online investment platforms, self-select ISAs, as well as those investment JISAs only available through fund managers, independent financial advisers or planners.

 Stocks and Shares Junior ISA Providers List

Junior Individual Savings Accounts (JISAs) are long-term, tax-free savings accounts for children. In the 2019/20 tax year, the savings limit for Junior ISAs was set at £4,368.

Eligibility for a Junior ISA:

  • Your child must be both under 18 and living permanently in the UK.
  • Any child living outside the UK can only get a JISA if both the following apply:
    – one of its parents is a ‘Crown Servant’ (e.g. serving in the UK armed forces, diplomatic service or overseas civil service)
    – they depend on an adult British passport holder for care

Only parents, or guardians with parental responsibility, can open a Junior ISA and manage the account, but the money belongs to the child. The child can take control of the account when they are 16, but cannot withdraw any money from it until they turn 18.

N.B. You cannot have a Junior ISA as well as a Child Trust Fund but almost all JISA providers offer a transfer service where you can move the money from the Child Trust Fund into a new Junior ISA. You will need to ask if there is a fee to do so.

There are 2 types of Junior ISA:

  • Cash Junior ISA (C JISA)
  • Stocks and Shares Junior ISA (SS JISA) – sometimes referred to as a ‘Junior Investment ISA’

A child can have one or both types of Junior ISA but the overall savings limit applies to both added together, i.e. you can’t exceed that £4,368 annual total.

As all providers make clear, both on their websites and within associated KIIDs, Stocks and Shares Junior ISAs tend in the long-term to offer a better return than Cash JISAs, but they are riskier – there is the potential that you could lose money if the investments inside the JISA wrapper fall in value. This makes picking a Stocks and Shares JISA more complex than choosing the cash version.

The key when picking a Junior Investment ISA is to be clear about your risk appetite and to understand this should be a long-term investment. Other factors to bear in mind are management charges, fees for trading and customer service.

Stocks and Shares Junior ISA Providers List

List will be updated as new information is provided.

Stocks and Shares Junior ISA Providers

AJ Bell YouinvestMinimum single subscription is £500. Minimum monthly subscription is £25.00. Same choice of investments as for adult ISA, i.e. shares, funds, ETFs, bonds, warrants and
Alliance TrustMinimum investment is £50. Standard account charge is £3.33 a month. Over 4,000 investments to choose from. Regular, monthly investing at £1.50 a trade (T&Cs apply)
Aviva / Wealthify LimitedAviva / Wealthify Junior ISAs contain a range of investment choices from across the globe matched to the level of risk chosen. Its team chooses which investments to buy and manages them on your behalf. You can choose to invest for you child in an Ethical Plan or an Original Plan. Each Junior Stocks & Shares ISA will contain up to 20 investment funds from providers like Blackrock and
BMO Global Asset ManagementJISA is based on a range of 10 investment trusts offering different goals and strategies, e.g. capital growth, income, or a mixture. Some have a specific regional focus, while others take a global approach. Access to equities, bonds, property and private equity. Annual charge is £25 + VAT. Dealing charges per holding for postal instructions = £12 and for online instructions = £8. Minimum monthly investment £30 or £500 lump
Cavendish Asset ManagementMinimum monthly payment of £50 OR minimum one-off payment of £1,000. You invest in a fund which you have to choose from a defined
Charles Stanley DirectFree to open but there is 'Platform Charge' of 0.35%. For fund holdings (OEICs and Unit Trusts) the charge can fall as low as 0.05% pa. For shareholdings the maximum charge is £240 per annum - "but if you place 1 or more chargeable trades each month we won’t charge you anything to hold your shares." Fund trading is free. Share trading is £11.50 per
Chelsea Investment IntelligenceChelsea charges 0.4% per annum and the FundStore platform, powered by Aegon, charges 0.2% per annum. but in 2019 these charges have currently been waived on the Junior ISA, which has a 0% service and platform charge. There will then be a separate charge for the fund(s) in which you invest. This is typically 0.75% per annum but varies from fund to
Columbia ThreadneedleChoose from the range of Threadneedle
Fidelity InternationalContribute lump sums from £1,000 or regular savings plan from minimum £50. Invest in shares, funds, exchange-traded funds or investment trusts. Manage investments 24/7 using secure online service. There is a freephone call centre open Monday to Saturday. Annual service fee = £25 if value of ISA less than £7,500 or 0.35% up to £250,000.
Foresters FinancialMinimum investment is £10 a month. Offer is a 'unit linked plan' - Contributions purchase units in the Foresters Stakeholder (Schroders) Managed 1 Funds. No more than 60% of a child’s savings will be invested in shares – "protecting against market fluctuations but giving the opportunity for growth."
Fundsmith LLPInitial lump sum £1,000, follow ons at £250. Regular monthly savings minimum £100 per month. 1.0% Annual Management Charge. Two share classes to choose from. Dealing fees
Hargreaves Lansdown£25 per month, or a £100 one-off lump sum. Over 11,000 investments to choose from. No set-up or transfer-in charges. No charges to buy or sell funds. Annual charge of 0.45% to hold funds and shares (capped at £45 for shares). Online share dealing is £5.95 per
Healthy InvestmentJISA is invested in the Healthy Investment Ethical With-profits Fund, includes stocks and shares, company and government bonds, commercial property and bank deposits. When available, annual bonuses are added to the investment. All investments held over 5 years, the society guarantees all of the money that has been invested, plus all the bonuses that have been added. £10 minimum contribution to
Interactive InvestorAccess to invest in over 40,000 UK and global stocks including funds, Investment Trusts, Exchange Traded Funds and more, across 17 stock exchanges. £25 per month for regular investing service. You need to have an account with ii before you can open a Junior ISA, but there is no extra fee for holding one if you have an account with them. The most basic 'service plan' is £9.99 per
Jarvis IM / shareDeal active£20.00 per annum admin fee. Dealing fees apply - over the internet or on the telephone for £9.50 per
Killik & CoWealth management company. No details on website, you need to talk with them about the options available (see link)
Kingston Unity Friendly SocietyFriends & Family Junior ISA savings is invested in the mutual's With Profits fund. Save regular payments from £5 a month or add one-off payments from £10. As a Friendly Society, it also offers members share of any investment returns as 'bonuses'
Legal & General£20 a month direct debit or £100 as a lump sum. Multi-Index Fund range is the option if you want investment decisions managed by L&G, Pick Your Own if you want control over which funds to go into the JISA. You can split investments across their funds however you
LiontrustTo open, either minimum lump sum of £500 or minimum monthly saving of £
M&G InvestmentsYou can invest by regular monthly payments (£10 per month) or a lump sum (minimum opening amount £500 - £100 for any further sums) at any time. No entry charge and no exit charges but there is an ongoing charge. 47 M&G funds to choose from (but only the nominated share class)
McInroy & WoodJunior ISAs are provided through the main MW funds (Balanced / Income / Smaller Companies / Emerging Markets). Management fees are levied quarterly, based on the aggregate value of the portfolio at quarter end. Eligibility for allowances requires certain conditions to be met and annual investment limits can
MoneyboxOver 6,000 companies to choose via tracker funds. Three starting options offering different levels of risk and return - cautious, balanced and
MunnypotOnce the child reaches 18, the JISA automatically convert to an adult Munnypot Stocks & Shares ISA. There is a monthly 'monitoring' fee or you can choose a yearly fee of 0.58% of amount invested. There is a platform admin fee charged 0.11% per year. There is an investment fund fee 'charged by the fund manager (Vanguard) for managing investments on your behalf. The fee you are charged is calculated as a percentage of your investment. A fee of 0.15% is charged for the lowest risk fund, whereas a fee of 0.22% is charged for the other funds.'
Nucleus Financial GroupPayments can be made flexibly through single or regular payments. Regular payments can be increased, reduced, started or stopped at any time. Clients can choose from over 6,000 assets.
OneFamilyMinimum monthly contribution of £10. There are 2 funds to choose from: Family Balanced International Fund (invests in a combination of international stocks and shares, UK Gilts, Corporate Bonds and Cash) and Family Charities Ethical Trust Fund (invests mainly in the top 50 companies listed on a selected ethical index)
Orbis AccessNo fees are charged for entire lifetime of the account on any money invested during the first 12 months (this includes ISA or CTF transfers in). Two Orbis funds to invest in - Global Equity Fund and a lower-risk Global Balanced Fund. Monthly or lump sum deposits, no
ParmenionParmenion is part of Aberdeen Standard Investments, the asset management business of Standard Life Aberdeen plc. It is an IFA-focused
Pilling & Co Stockbrokers"We offer a Stocks and Shares JISA that also allows you to hold cash as part of your investment strategy." You can open an Execution Only JISA, where you make the investment decisions or you can opt for the Managed JISA, where Pilling & Co make the investment decisions for you. You can contribute a lump sum or by monthly instalments. The minimum payment is £
Post OfficeOpen with £500 lump sum or £10 per month minimum. Annual management charge of 1.5%. The JISA is invested in the Family Balanced International Fund, which is a sub-fund of an
Red Rose AssuranceTwo SS JISAs on offer: Junior With-profits (mixture of equities, gilts, corporate bonds, property and cash, includes annual bonus) and Junior Shariah compliant (based on the HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index Fund). For both, you can pay in regularly by monthly direct debit of £10 or more and / or invest lump sums at any
Redmayne Bentley StockbrokersContributions can be made regularly or as ad-hoc lump sums. Flat annual charge of £20 + VAT regardless of the value of your
Royal Bank of ScotlandThe Junior ISA is invested in the RBS Stakeholder Fund and managed by Coutts & Co. Minimum investment: £
Scottish Friendly Assurance SocietyThe JISA offers choice of 8 funds from low to high risk. From £10 a month, a lump sum from £50 or transfer in from another Junior ISA provider. Winner of Best Junior ISA provider at the Investment Life and Pensions Moneyfacts Awards 2019. When you take out a My Select (Junior ISA) they'll pay £50 into the Junior ISA for your
Shepherds Friendly SocietyEither deposit an initial minimum of £100 and then investments of at least £10 at a time or you can choose to start paying into the plan from £10 a month. You can make as many changes to your payments as you like throughout the term of the plan, including stopping, starting or altering your monthly payments or adding money when convenient. "We adopt a medium to low-risk investment strategy, and aim to pay annual bonuses into your child’s plan."
Slater InvestmentsYou may invest in one or more of three pooled Slater's/
St. James's Place Wealth ManagementThey ask you to choose a 'Partner' expert in wealth management to advise you on selection of the right Junior
T. BaileyTwo T.Bailey funds in which you can invest the JISA
The Children's ISA4 types of JISA to choose from: Actively Managed (by fund partners Prudential and Verbatim Asset Management), Low Cost (passive investments managed by Verbatim), Ethical (by the Amity International Fund) and Sharia compliant. You can choose to invest in multiple funds as long as the minimum contribution of £10 per fund is
The Share CentreTwo types of Stocks and Shares Junior ISAs are on offer: Ready-made Junior ISA (they pick and manage the investments, no dealing fees, no monthly admin fees) and DIY Junior ISA (you choose, buy and sell the investments in shares, funds, investment trusts, bonds, gilts, ETFs etc., fixed monthly account fee of £1.50 per month, £7.50 per deal)
Tilney BestInvestChoice of over 2,000 funds, OEICS and Unit Trusts, investment trusts, ETFs and shares. It's free to open an account and then fees of 0.4% a year. Fund dealing is free and share dealing costs £7.50 per transaction. Other fees may
TransactTransact is wrap platform for IFAs. Fee of £3 per quarter for holding an ISA on Transact. Where a client holds more than one ISA, they will be charged the ISA fee only once per
True Potential InvestorThe JISA is available to all clients of True Potential financial advisory services and investment advisory services, as well as through directly authorised firms. £50 minimum to start. Range of funds to choose from, including its own brand Wealth Strategy Fund Range. No annual charge for the tax wrapper, no dealing charges, no penalties for
Unity MutualTo open an account you need to invest £50 or more or set up a direct debit of £10 a month. Money invested goes into our Unity Mutual Equity Fund, which is invested in over 600 UK companies to track the average performance of the stock
VanguardInvest from £100 per month or add a lump sum from £500. Annual account fee is 0.15%, capped at £375 per year. Choose an all-in-one fund or build your own portfolio. No charge to switch holdings, deal, make payments or
VitalityHealthInvestYou can open a plan with £50 a month or a lump sum of at least £1,500. Stop, start, increase or decrease regular contributions, and pay in lump sums at any time. 'Investment Booster' rewards loyalty by adding extra money to a child's ISA every 5 years when you invest in Vitality funds. 'Healthy Living Discount' offers savings on product charges if you get into the exercise or mindfulness
WealthsimpleNo minimum to start an account. They claim 'you will never pay any costs for trading, account transfers, or rebalancing.' £0-£100K = 0.7% Fees (+ fund fees averaging 0.18%), £100K+ = 0.5% Fees (+ fund fees averaging 0.18%)
WealthtimeThe Wealthtime Stocks and Shares JISA is available to children of existing Wealthtime
Willis OwenMinimum single contribution is £25. Minimum regular contribution is £25. Service fees are applicable (on four tiers e.g. 0.40% for £0-£50,000, 0.30% for £50,001 to £100,000 etc.) Trade fees of £7.50 for shares, investment trusts and ETF single transactions, no fee for funds transaction, no fee for transferring in or
Data as of October 2019 - taken from providers' websites.

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